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We offer a wide array of chutneys, prepared from different types of fruits. We offer different types of mango pulp / concentrate, which is made from selected Totapuri, Raspuri and Kesar varieties of mangoes. These mangoes are ripened under controlled conditions.

The preparation process of these chutneys include cutting, destoning, refining and packing, while in case of aseptic products, the pulp is sterilized and packed in pre-sterilized aseptic bags. We also pack the refined chutneys in cans, which are hermetically sealed and retorted. This process ensures the retention of all the natural flavors and aroma of the fruit in the final product. Different pack sizes can be availed in these chutneys.

Newer recipes are constantly explored in our range of chutneys. Different regions and cultures have their own way of making the chutneys. A detailed market survey and test marketing is done to carefully study the consumer's psychology, their level of acceptance for different types of chutneys and the prices they are ready to pay. We offer 8 different types of chutneys as underlined below:

Indian Mango Chutney

Mint Chutney
Famous for providing excellent cooling and soothing effect on the stomach particularly after a spicy treat or during the summer season, the ingredients of our spicy mint chutney include: mint, dill, rose petals, sandalwood, fennel and salt.

Our spicy mint chutney are packaged in different sizes of jars, made of steel or plastic, and you can choose from the bulk and minimum ordered quantity packaging options from this. All the details about the ingredients is listed on the packets of these chutneys.

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Betel Leaf Chutney
Best for curing the toothache and bleeding gums and checking the foul odor from mouth, the ingredients of our betel leaf chutneys include 3 types of betel leaves - kapoori, maghoba and benarasi; clove, mace, salt and ajwain ( Thyme/ carom seeds).

This chutney flavor is widely popular and has become one of the preferred range of chutneys amidst people at large. The standard as well as customized packaging options that are provided in this range, is specifically done to befit the demands of our clients.

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Coriander Chutney
Prepared from fresh coriander leaves, the ingredients of our coriander chutney include: fresh coriander leaves, dried coriander leaves, amla (Indian gooseberry), sauf, shahi jeera (Black cumin seed), sonth & amchur.

We offer different packaging options in our coriander chutneys, which include - the poly pouches, plastic or glass jars and other options. Different sizes and quantities are developed in these to exactly match your demands.

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Coconut Chutney
Widely used chutney along with South Indian dish, the ingredients of our coconut chutney include - coconut, curry leaves, mustard seeds, sesame oil, salt and pepper.

A wide array of customized as well as standard packaging options is available in these chutneys, to accord with your demands.

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Bhel Chutney
Spicy and exotic in taste, the ingredients of our bhel chutney include - date, mint, tomato, ginger, jaggery, cumin, black salt, red chilli , paprika and amla(Indian gooseberry).

Our bhel chutneys are packaged in different packets, including poly pouches, plastic and glass containers, which are attractively designed. Customized packaging options can also be provided on request.

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Date Chutney
Best in flavor and most preferred range of chutney, the ingredients of our date chutney include - black and brown date, black salt, shahi jeera (Black cumin seed), bay leaves, cinnamon and honey.

The attractive and appealing packaging options, in the poly pouches and jars of different sizes are specially designed to befit your specific needs and demands.

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Panipuri Chutney
Most preferred and popular range of chutneys, the ingredients of our panipuri chutney include - mint leaves, coriander leaves, sweet neem, radish, black salt, rock salt, cumin seeds, lime juice powder, pineapple powder, and cane juice.

We can provide a wide array of packaging options in our panipuri chutney, which include the poly pouches, plastic or glass containers and others.

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